What is Ryujin?

Supreme sharpness and keeping the cutting quality

Ryujin is a high-class stainless steel knife which is made by Daishin Industry, which occupies the top share of manufacturing table knives in Japan.
Ryujin's supreme sharpness and keeping the cutting quality was created by the high technic of stainless steel processing cultivated from many years of experience.
Ryujin is made from the domestic high-grade molybdenum vanadium steel.
We adopt the Edo sharpening method that has been succeeded from the Samurai era.
How to sharpen is one of the most important points for a knife.
In Daishin Sangyo, the craftsmen take the time to finish each one by one with all their hearts.



Takumi's amazing skills

The great sharpness of Ryujin is made by Takumi's 50 years experience and traditional unique skill.
The supreme sharpness and keeping the cutting quality of Ryujin are created by the master craftsmanship that carefully finishes each one.


Takumi's amazing skills No.1.
Takumi's great skill is to make a blade by sharpening a rounded clam line and a straight diagonal line around the blade. The sharpening ratio of this clam line and the diagonal line is set to 7 : 3.
The sharpness of the Ryujin is created from the sharpening ratio of this clam line and diagonal line and the handicraft of the craftsman.


Takumi's amazing skills No.2.
Ryujin's blades are carefully sharpened one by one by the technique of "Edo sharpening" as the final finishing work of blade sharpening.
Takumi carefully sharpens it by hand based on many years of experience.
The blade that has been sharpened with their effort produces a great sharpness.


Takumi's amazing skills No.3.
Takumi's awesome skill is to hit the core material directly with a mallet.
It is one of the great skills of Takumi to be able to drive this mallet into the core material very finely.
This mallet prevents to stick ingredients to the knife and creates a synergistic effect of sharpness by "Edo sharpening".


Takumi's amazing skills No.4.
It has a lightweight structure that does not cause fatigue even if it is used for a long time due to the special manufacturing that makes the inside of the handle hollow.
It has an appropriate size and fitness that makes it feel like it fits your hand and is easy to grip by finely punching the surface of the handle like a "Kamakura-bori".


Takumi's amazing skills No.5.
The blade (molybdenum vanadium steel) and handle (18-8 stainless steel) are made of stainless steel only and integrated.
Without using any screws, the blade and handle are integrated having great strength. It is an outstanding technique unique to the craftsmen of Ryujin.